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No more facials...Only ‘ELECTRO-FACIAL’

Widely practiced in Europe, NOW in Dr. Avish’s Cosmetic Clinic we provide electro facial system which targets problem areas with herbal serums, medicines, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It provides hydration and brightening effect better than any facial system out there. By combining latest technology with the exclusive range of vitamin and medicinal serum products, you can experience a radiant skin with NO SIDE EFFECTS. ELECTRO-FACIAL acts as a delivery mechanism for the active ingredients, pushing product through the dermal layers of the skin PAINLESSLY. In turn it will temporarily allow the cell membranes to become permeable allowing the cell to absorb the vital nutrients contained within each active ingredient. This technology allows us to perform a Transdermal infusion of products designed and formulated to create a FAST SKIN GLOW and to create a soft hydrated skin. 
 It helps with skin rejuvenation and skin brightening.
Stimulating the function of fibroblasts (collagen cells) for improved skin tone and wrinkle reduction
Stimulating microcirculation for reduced water retention, improved cell nourishment and detoxification
Exerting an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action for more youthful and healthy skin and an anti-ageing effect
Releasing fat from adipocytes (fat cells), for a localised face sculpting effect (if the sculpting option is chosen).







A topical solution of active ingredients is applied to the target area. Penetration of these tiny “medicinal bullets” are are encouraged directly into the middle layer of skin with the use of Electroportation and Electro-osmosis. This high frequency technique ‘penetrates’ the skin at the exact depth that is needed for optimum results. Depending on the specifically-tailored concoction, IT helps fight free radicals, encourages cellular activity, circulation, lymphatic drainage, fat cell disbursement, collagen and elastin production. Vitamin C / Hyaluronic acid is usually added to the mix to improve overall skin tone and quality.
ELECTRO-FACIAL is often used in conjunction with other treatments like Botox, laser rejuvenation or resurfacing, glycolic facial peels for optimal results. Treatment may be carried out immediately after an initial consultation to determine the number treatment sessions required.


ELECTRO-FACIAL SYSTEM can safely be used on the entire body and results can be seen with the first treatment.

Lightning and brightening of pigmentation on skin

Open cells membrane woundless, absorb nutritional products or serum, improve cell metabolism, promote cells regeneration.

Face lifting and Wrinkle softening

The nutritional product or serum is directly penetrated into the deeper layers of the skin (dermis). This machine stimulates the stratum corneum (dead, top layer of the skin) so that the dermis (deeper skin layer) can produce collagen and elastin that slows down the ageing process and plumps out the cells to give you the lifting effect.

Acne treatment

Use the machine over an acne or serum product so that the product can penetrate deeper into the skin. The machine heals and prevents the problem on a deeper level. Prevent skin infections.

Anti-ageing and Skin Rejuvenation

Restores the skin’s moisture levels so that the dermis can produce collagen and elastin that slows down the ageing process.

Black circles and puffy eye pouch

Improves lymph and blood circulation and lymph drainage.

Improve cellulite and weight-loss

stimulation of the muscle, lymph drainage, promotes skin metabolism, lymph and blood circulation. Reshape the body.


Massage and strenuous activity on treated areas should be refrained up to 48 hours after treatment.


For better results, we recommend you take a package. This will give you better, more visible results, that last much longer than single treatments.
All packages have been formulated by the most experienced cosmetic Doctors , all combined the best technology, products and services to give visible results to common skin and health problems.