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Why Dr. Avish’s .....

• Safe and desired results are offered.

• Successful scientific solutions for hair loss patients, obese patients and skin problems.

• Use of new upgraded modern technologies and medical care.

• Treatment without any side-effects.

• Transparent honest system with best medical practitioners.

• High patient satisfaction rate.

• Personalized treatment for every patient.

“Dr Avish’s Cosmetic Clinic is absolutely a result driven beauty organization with safe latest medical services. From the very beginning we have focused ourselves to surpass all our competitors in terms of generating results through our specialized treatments. We have always believed and had the policy of constant innovation and improvement through a holistic approach of best medical solutions, practices, procedures and use of most advanced latest technology. We use imported modern medicines and ADVANCED TREATMENT PLANS with COMBINATION THERAPIES to incessantly bring new solutions for hair and aesthetic treatments and to have a control on the result and well being of patients and clients. We provide and educate about our new treatment protocols to not only the doctors but also allied technicians of our organization. They are given round the year training for continuous development and up- gradation by qualified practitioner’s in the field of cosmetology. We understand how each of us cares deep inside, for their beauty and how badly we are hurt when we have serious hair, skin, body shape and aesthetic problems. Although lot of us is forced to accept the conditions without getting results from improper treatments by improper counsellors or due to the lack of awareness that most of these medical conditions are reversible with proper treatments. We believe that beauty is not superficial and NOT only related to outer skin. BEAUTY COMES FROM INSIDE, the overall health of the individual is essential for it, so we formulate and PROVIDE BASIC NUTRITIONAL ADVICES, BODY ANALYSIS and RESOLVE UNDERLYING MEDICAL PROBLEMS of all clients. with the objective to give SCIENTIFIC CARE and solutions that would actually help to make people more beautiful by re-growing their own hair, regaining a flawless HYDRATED skin and shaping and restructuring their body and its various parts and thus provide beauty and wellness with 360 degree integrated approach. We express our deep gratitude to the people and our clients for trusting us so much. We believe we will replicate and multiply our success in every geography that we gradually enter with the strength of the results of our treatment, transparency, hospitality, care, honesty and guaranteed client satisfaction.”

Success stories....

“ I had my tan removal and skin brightening therapies..it worked like miracles. Very good clinic with reasonable prices compared to others” – Mr. T. ADHIKARY

“ Had few Laser treatments and few sittings in fat reduction, had good noticeable results. Good organisation” –Mrs. Mohua

Basic Core Values...

• We will be fair, ethical and open towards our clients, employees and staffs.

• We will show positive regard and respect for each other.

• We will encourage learning and innovation with use of newer technologies and upgraded medicines.

• We will surpass our clients and patients expectations, every time.

• We will constantly strive to improve and expand ourselves to deliver the best, be seen as the best and be the best organization.