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Dr. Avish’s Advanced Computerised Skin Analysis......

SKIN ANALYSER/ SCANNER is the latest fruit of modern skin testing technology. With this advanced technology available in Dr. Avish’s Cosmetic Clinic, allows both the client and therapist to recognize and diagnose skin problems together. With this visual representation of where the problem areas may occur, the doctor can easily explain the benefits of correct skin treatment and care.

Dr. Avish’s Skin scanning diagnosis has immensely helped as an aid in the diagnosis of skin disorders and is totally safe for the skin and eyes. Some of the conditions that the skin scanner can highlight are as follows:

• Pigmentation;
• Sun Damage;
• Dehydration;
• Inflammation
• Comedones / Congestion;
• Oily skin and Dead skin;
• Surface Texture;

• Dull Skin.

Once the therapist has conducted the skin scan it can then be displayed on the computer so the client has a clear picture of the current health of their skin. Our fully trained skin therapist then uses a built in technique to analize every aspect of the skin, enabling her to advise you on the most effective program to achieve the optimum results for your skin.
Our Skin scanning machine analyses the best suitable treatment for our clients and thus enabled Dr. Avish’s clinic to provide the best treatment for our patients. The machine is operated by our highly trained skin specialist who can prescribe your skin programme and treatment plan. There is a no fee applied to a skin analysis, which is fully done for the benefit of the patients in our clinic.